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About Clarendon Capital Management LLC

Clarendon Capital Management LLC (CCM) is an investment advisory firm offering clients focused and flexible investment advice around a core strategy. The firm's mission is to provide sophisticated, disciplined, and transparent financial recommendations. Clarendon Capital Management aligns itself with its clients by investing alongside them in its core equity strategy.

CCM's core strategy is an actively managed equity portfolio that seeks to identify U.S. listed stocks trading below their intrinsic value. CCM works with clients to develop the proper strategic asset mix of stocks (core strategy), fixed income, cash equivalents, and alternative investments to fit clients' financial objectives. The approach we take is one of separately managed accounts for clients, offering flexibility and transparency to help clients meet liquidity and tax planning needs. 

Clarendon Capital Management is based in its namesake neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C.  Learn More

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