Investment Strategy:

Clarendon Capital Management (CCM) is an active, value-oriented investor utilizing individual stocks and ETFs in a concentrated portfolio of between 15 - 30 securities.  This strategy invests across sectors and market capitalizations and identifies companies whose intrinsic value is higher than the current price. The holdings favor companies priced on an attractive multiple of book value, owner earnings, or cash flow.  A portion of CCM's investment portfolio is dedicated to special situations, small/micro-caps/private businesses, and investments where CCM's expertise in business strategy can be constructive and add value.  CCM's principals invest alongside clients and maintain an independent and long-term focus.

Who We Work With:

CCM has transitioned from serving individual high-income clients to only working with accredited investors, family offices, and as a sub-advisor to independent RIAs.  We utilize a separately managed account structure through Interactive Brokers.

CFA Asset Manager Code of Conduct:

CCM adheres to guidelines of the CFA Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct. More information is availble at