Small Business Succession Search

Clarendon Capital Management is conducting an acquisition/investment search for a small business. CCM was founded in 2012 by Carlos Sava, a former investment banker, and current investment manager and advisor to start-ups and small businesses.

Who is a fit for this type of transaction? This opportunity is for someone looking to retire or move on to other professional pursuits or a business/entrepreneur without a succession plan.


Location: Greater Chicago, IL or Milwaukee, WI metro areas

Industries/businesses of interest:

  • Marketing or vertical software,

  • Financial technology,

  • Insurance brokerage,

  • Professional education/certification training,

  • Reseller or distributor,

  • Will consider other opportunities not listed

Industries/businesses not under consideration: Restaurants, retail stores, real estate, healthcare, dry cleaners, beauty salons, landscaping, cosmetics, apparel, construction, accounting or legal services, nursery/produce/livestock, daycare/child services, or franchises

Financial Metrics: Between $250,000 and $3,000,000 in annual revenue. Recurring revenue or stable customer base a priority. Profitability is a plus, but not required. Must be debt-free post-transaction.

Transaction Structure: Up to $200,000 in cash at closing. Any remaining consideration would be paid over pre-determined payment schedule (earn-out). Opportunity to retain an equity stake and participate in business’ future success. Annuity/insurance option for payments to be made as long as the seller is alive, up to a cap. 

Real Estate: Business owner could retain owned real estate and receive lease payments after the sale or the business could relocate.

Contact: Carlos Sava

Potential for referral fee upon successful completion of a transaction.

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